Yachtsmen – Watch Out For Shore Anglers

When out and about sailing the seven seas, make sure you take time to look up from your old yacht brochures so you can keep a weather eye open for the bright lamps used by shore anglers, as these are apparently proving quite dangerous and have almost caused some serious accidents.

According to the Daily Mirror, the bright lights used by these fishermen have been blinding captains coming into shore, perhaps unsurprising given that these headtorches are as powerful as the lights on an emergency vehicle and have a range of 80 metres.

Both fishing boats and yachts have run into difficulties as a result of these lamps, with a number of near misses reported to those in charge at Shoreham Harbour in West Sussex.

“Vessels inbound to the port have run the risk of going aground or crashing into the breakwater,” Julian Seaman, harbour master, remarked, going on to add that it is just a matter of time before a serious accident takes place.

Of course, while shore anglers should perhaps reconsider their use of these torches, you still need to be able to sail responsibly yourself. Make sure that you have a float plan in place so that you can quickly and easily alert rescuers if there is an emergency at sea.

All this means is that you tell someone when you’re going out on your boat and they should call someone if you do not reach your destination by a certain point. This simple idea saves countless lives each year.