Steel Ferro Alloy

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Albatross Class 20 ton

Anso 39 Ketch 3p c1979

Ankh 32

Ankh 40 (Huntward Boat Co)

Bay Class 13m Lemsteraak

Bay Class Bay of Islands

Celerity 54

Cumulant 1

Dewar 62 Alloy)

DNW Motor Sailer

Dutchman MS Barge (P Nicholls)

East Countryman 27

East Countryman 33

East Countryman 42

Een Zeeunse Hoogars 9.25m

Hedoniste 44 Ketch (Arma Marina)

Huntwood 44

Kliever Mk II 8.8m sloop

Kismet 9.70m

Noontide 32 Sloop (Bay Class)

Rajo 37 Colin Archer style

Roamer 11m Ketch

Shuffle 720S (Huntward)

Shuffle 780S (Huntward)

Shuffle 8.5S (Huntward)

Shuffle 7SJ (Huntward)

Tholense Schouw (J G Meakes)

Wibo 740

Wibo 850 M/S

Wibo 930 Fast Cruiser


Endurance 40 (Windboats) ferro

Endurance 57 (Windboats) ferro

Ferro Cement Marine Itchen Ferry

Ferro Cement Marine 30′ Smack

Ferro Cement Marine 32’8″ Burnham Bawley

Ferro Cement Marine 32′ 4″ Sloop

Ferro Cement Marine 33′ Ketch

Ferro Cement Marine 37′ Colchester Smack

Ferro Cement Marine 38′ Ketch

Ferro Cement Marine C/B 40′ Ketch (Salar)

Ferro Cement Marine 40′ M/S

Ferro Cement Marine 40′ 4″ C/B Ketch

Ferro Cement Marine 44′ Gaff Ketch

Ferro Cement Marine 46′ Ketch

Ferro Cement Marine 46′ TSMY

Ferro Cement Marine 53′ Ketch

Hacathian 34 Ketch

Hartley Tasman 27′ 3″

Hartley Queenslander 33′ 3″M/S

Hartley South Seas 37′ 9″ M/S

Hartley Tahitian 45′

Hartley Royal Suva Ketch

Hartley Date-Line Sloop

Hartley RORC 32 Sloop

Hartley RORC 39 Sloop

Hartley Fijian 43′ Ketch

Samson Marine Seabird 37

Windboats Endurance 40


Sarum 28 (alloy)

Sarum 30 (alloy)

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